Sunday, September 27, 2009

Manzi with Neighbor

My brother went down south, so I had to leave Manzi with a neighbor while I am in New York. The neighbor has three young children, so Manzi has plenty of company. I found a volunteer with a truck and we moved Manzi's large cage. He is now near a T.V. and window. I called my neighbor and she said Manzi is already copying the yelling of her children. I heard Manzi making all kinds of noises in the background which is a sign of contentment (he will only be completely quiet or scream if he is upset). I was quite nervous to leave him for three weeks, but so far Manzi is doing just fine. He will be more than ready to go out flying when I get back (unless he has broken feathers flapping around inside his cage).


Stephanie Pulham said...

Hopefully hi is nice to the neighbor children and doesn't bite off their arms.

DisneyCAG said...

Stop by and visit Disney in Connecticut while you are in New York!

Adele said...

It's Rochester, NY. I think it is quite a ways. That would be fun to see Disney though.

DisneyCAG said...

You're right. It is quite a ways away. We live 40 minutes from the NY border... 6 hours from Rochester.
Have a safe trip. Looking for new videos of Manzi!

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