Sunday, September 13, 2009

Manzi and Samuel

Manzi is currently being cared for by Samuel while I am in France for the week. Samuel said they were doing good, but today I got this update (it was hard not to find this funny; Samuel is great):

Alright well we were friends right up until he punched the crap out of my head!! It hurt a lot. And what’s worse he didn’t even bite me it was all his beak blunt force attacking me. I was laying on the couch watching TV in Samuel time (that’s right I’m not just lazy) when all of the sudden I hear Manzi flapping his wings and he is right next to me so I throw my hands in the air but he was too quick. He nailed me in the head. What made it worse was I had my phone in my hands so I accidentally threw my phone straight up, and everybody knows what goes up must come down. So that nailed me in the head too. He made a daring second dive at my head and got me he flew to his cage after that joust. Man I was ready to kill him but instead I put a grape in his cage to get him back in and shut the door behind him.


Jen said...

love the story

Stephanie Pulham said...

Hilarious! Don't you wish you had a hidden camera somewhere so you could have the whole thing on tape?

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