Sunday, September 21, 2008

New home, new bosses

I talked with Aida a couple days ago and she said that Manzi is doing very well. The first four days, Manzi was ignoring them and waiting for me to return, but she said he finally started calling to them and trying to get their attention. So, she has been able to let Manzi out of his cage and he returns when she tells him, "Go home" (with the encouragement of a treat).

Once, when Aida was cooking, Manzi went into the kitchen to see what she was doing. Aida was able to pick him up without a treat and hold him for a while. Usually, Manzi loves to hang out with me while I am cooking, probably because of the commotion (pots and pans, new ingredients, many utensils, etc.). I was very relieved to hear that Manzi is getting time out of his cage and that he is handling the new bosses quite well.


jen said...

I'm glad things are going well for Manzi.

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