Monday, September 8, 2008

Manzi vs Parakeet

So, in Manzi's new living conditions, there is a parakeet nearby. The parakeet is quite dominant. The owners always leave her cage open because she is not a destructive machine like Manzi (see laptop pictures below). Anyways, now she is locked up more because she has already tried to climb into Manzi's cage a few times. She can't quite fit between the bars of his cage though.

Today, I let her go to Manzi's cage while Manzi was hanging out on top to see his reaction. He just watched her until she almost reached him. Then I gently restrained Manzi from biting her just in case. Well, once she reached Manzi, she climbed up his leg, wing and then hoped onto his back. It wasn't a mating behavior at all. She was either just curious, or was climbing on top to show him who is the higher, more dominant bird. I believe it was the latter. Either way, Manzi was not happy. I quickly removed her and set her nearby. He just puffed up, but the suicidal parakeet kept trying to go after him so I had to return her to her cage. Manzi doesn't want anything to do with her, but when she goes after him, he doesn't back down anymore and I am fairly sure he would hurt her, and I definitely won't give him the chance to do that.

I just let Azul, the parakeet, out to see Manzi again. I decided that she isn't trying to be dominate, she just loves Manzi. She was biting at my fingers when I put my hand between her and Manzi (even though it was for her protection). Manzi is also learning that he isn't allowed to touch her with his beak so he is letting her get quite close.


Anonymous said...

Adele, I cannot see the pictures. I just see a block with a red cross. The other pictures you posted of Manzi I could see but not these.


Stephanie Pulham said...

It is funny because it looks like in two of the pictures he is trying to eat her, and in the third it looks like he is saying, "I am taller than you so HA!" Pretty funny stuff, but cute pictures.

Anonymous said...
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