Thursday, September 4, 2008

Manzi in new place

Manzi has been very good at the neighbor's place. I have also been staying there and will be here for a few more days. Anyways, I have been letting Manzi out for a few hours a day and he just hangs out on top of his cage. He is eating and making noise like normal (just not quite as much noise). He is still a bit cautious though. Yesterday the neighbor's son wanted to hold Manzi. He is not quite two years old, but he is excellent with animals. I put Manzi on his arm and they both did very well. It seems that everything is working out great.


Stephanie Pulham said...

I wish you could bring manzi to my place when you come to my place.

Adele said...

It's nice to read this comment and know that you wrote it before I spoke with you today. Thanks for wanting Manzi with me too. There are too many people who say I can come, but I can't bring my baby (Manzi).

jen said...

I would let you bring Manzi.

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