Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Manzi on his playstand

So, it just took a couple of hours with food on his playstand for Manzi to finally fly there and eat. He was doing much better hanging out on his playstand until last night. When he was on his stand, he found out that he could reach the vertical blinds and chew them. When I saw him do that, I scooted his playstand an inch further away from the blinds. As soon as Manzi felt the playstand move he abandoned ship screaming in complete fear. So, there goes all of the work to get Manzi back on his playstand. Now he won't go anywhere near it.

What is funny is that before, I could move his playstand around to vacuum and he would just sit on it hanging on enjoying watching what I was doing. Now though, his playstand moved two feet and didn't go back so it has become a lethal place that cannot be trusted.


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