Saturday, August 30, 2008

Manzi in the shower

Manzi just got out of the shower. When he went in the shower with me yesterday he stayed all bundled up not wanting to get wet. He always wants to go in the shower with me, but only a couple times a week will want to go under the stream of water. So, yesterday he didn't want to go under the water, but it was so hot outside so I put him under the water anyways. He didn't do much, he just took it like a man. He didn't enjoy himself but he also didn't complain. After he got a bit wet (when he leaves his feathers flat, it is hard for the water to get anything but the very outside of his feathers wet) I left him on his perch. By the end of the shower, he decided he was ready to get soaked and started holding his wings out. Needless to say, a few minutes later he came out of the shower looking like this:

This picture is pretty cool because after a shower, there is a blue ting to his chest feathers. If you click on the photo it is much easier to see the blue.

He is quite talented. I have never been able to scratch the back of my head with my toes. Although I am not sure that I would use that talent very often even if I did have it.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are too cute Adele. They look so funny when they wet. Piccolo goes in the shower every day but she only likes to bite the water and get her feet wet.


Adele said...

I am glad you figured out the comments. They do look so cute when they are wet. When Manzi takes a shower while it is still hot, he gets very hyper afterwards and makes so much noise and jumps and shakes everywhere like he can't contain himself:)

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