Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cage move

So, if his play stand moves, it is very scary and Manzi won't go near it. But today I moved his cage across the room. Is he scared? No way, he thinks it is so cool because now he is next to the piano and when he stretches very far, he can almost reach objects on top to chew on that he wasn't able to reach/see before. We are shuffling things around because we'll be leaving in a week. I think when we come back, we'll keep the cage arrangement how it is now because he is further from the dinning room table. We had dinner guests today and they were able to sit at the table without Manzi trying to reach out and bite them. Usually we have to lock Manzi in his cage when we have dinner guests, but today he was able to stay out of his cage since it is further away and he was well behaved.

Also, to those viewing, please feel free to comment. Anyone can comment (you don't need an account, you can post a comment as a guest).


Anonymous said...

Hi Adele, Im just checking if I can post a comment on this site. I absolutely love the pics of Manzi in his little jacket. Its just too cute. Manzi does not look too impressed.


Adele said...

I was wondering if people would notice how displeased Manzi is with his jacket. He is very cute in it though. I need to design a more fitted one. Thanks for the comment.

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