Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update: Life is changing

Life is going through some substantial changes.

Quick update on Maui:
She is totally healthy again. She recovered about one week after visiting the vet. She had a clostridium infection and within a couple days she began to recover her appetite. By the end of the week, she was back up to her normal weight. All her blood work came back fine. She does have a heart murmur and is not in the prime of her life as I had once thought. She may still be only 30, but the vet thinks she is on the downhill side of life and will not last too many more years. I thought she'd live till 60 or so, but the vet thinks 40 would be optimistic. I went from treating her like she's in the prime of her life to now treating her like she is a geriatric patient.

Manzi has been a bit stressed lately. I am moving back to the West Coast. My place is getting full of boxes, which to Manzi, appear to be parrot eating monsters. Maui doesn't even give them a second glance. I got married and now we have another guy in our lives. The birds are doing quite well with him. Hercules is taking a mini-vacation from my place and is in the yard of a kind neighbor who has lots of space and absolutely loves him. I still have a couple weeks left till moving day. I don't have a new place yet, but I'm looking for something with a yard so the birds can go outside during the day along with Hercules.


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