Sunday, July 20, 2014


This weekend was another long weekend of packing. I had some help, so I kept Manzi and Maui in their cages while others were around. They seemed content and usually don't want to come out if there is too much going on anyway.

Still, Manzi is adapting. He went from not wanting to leave his cage last week, to landing on a box today. Sometimes I want Manzi to be brave, but then other times it is really nice not to have to chase Manzi off boxes. I'm glad Maui isn't as mobile, because if she made it to one of the boxes, it would be nicely shredded in no time.

I have been thinking about the cross country trip. I'm really concerned about Maui and her potential for seizures. I'm going to travel the first day at night. Hopefully the darkness will keep her calm. I'm doing the trip in two very long days, but that will really limit her time locked up in her travel cage. I am also planning on keeping a sheet over her travel cage to really reduce external stimuli.

The trip is still two weeks away. I'm already getting anxious!


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