Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring is here

Spring is quite lovely (although it did just snow again two days ago). I took Manzi outside twice already. The first time he was really irritated that I put on his leash and he pouted for 45 minutes. It wasn't until I began to go back inside that he realized where he was and began to hold his wings out for a flight. I brought him out again a few days later and he was a lot more cooperative. Outside he did some flying around, but I kept his leg leash on (there was a storm coming the following day and I didn't want to risk it). After the flight going so well, I am more encouraged to let him free fly. I will work with him for a couple weeks on recalls and see how he does. Today I did the first recall training I've done in many months and it was great. At first Manzi wasn't so sure, but within a few minutes he was flying to me rapidly after I'd call him. We only did about 10 recalls and he did really well through the last one.

I did some target training with Maui. She is great at that and will climb all over her cage to get the target. I need to start teaching her some other tricks. I think she has a lot more potential with trick training than Manzi. For some reason, whenever I do trick training with Manzi we have a 5-minute window before he begans breeding displays. Then training is over. Maui moves much slower than Manzi, but she is also a lot less stubborn and seems to "think" quite a bit more (she's more deliberate).

Hercules has been loving the outdoors. It is nice in that, if I put him far away from me, he'll slowly make his way back to me (chomping grass the whole way). I am almost finished with the patio, then I'll leave him out all day. I think he'll like that a lot more than my kitchen (I will definitely like it a lot more as well). Also, potty training him was highly successful. He hasn't had an accident in a while now. I just put him in the bath every other day with 1/2" of warm water. It also doesn't take him as long. Before, I had to leave him in there for 45 minutes. Now he usually goes within 15 minutes.


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