Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maui stuck

Maui was grabbing the doorway, hanging way down from her cage. I scolded her (she's no longer supposed to chew up my doorway), but instead of running and fussing like she usually does, she just stayed there. I got closer and she still didn't move. Then I held her beak to pry it off the doorway and she nearly fell. I realized that she had reached down to chew the doorway, but leaned too far and wasn't able to pull herself up with her feet due to lack of grip on the seed catcher. She was stuck and not sure what to do. I wonder how long she was like that. It could have only been a few minutes at most as I did hear her chirping away beforehand.

Sometimes Manzi gets stuck, but he bails rather quickly, by dropping and crashing.


rachaelawad said...

That is so funny!

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