Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still good together

Manzi and Maui are still residing somewhat peacefully together. They haven't hurt each other anymore and are often perched quite close together (12" apart). I am hoping this is permanent and I moved their old cages into my storage room. I will give it another month, then I will sell Maui's cage.

Despite their getting along, they still have spats. I noticed that it occurs when I get home. Today, when I walked in the door, Maui saw me and ran over to Manzi and knocked him off the perch. Neither screamed or anything. I think it was Maui trying to assert herself in my presence. I will try to make a better effort to show her priority. I had to leave again and when I got back, I immediately took Maui out of the cage and scratched her neck. Afterward, I did the same for Manzi. I will keep that up so Maui won't get a chance to show dominance towards Manzi.

Tomorrow we have guests coming over with a well-behaved dog. I am curious as to see how the interaction goes. I imagine that they both might puff up at the dog, but that nothing will happen.


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