Monday, January 14, 2013

Maui on the attack

On Sunday Maui had had enough of Manzi and went after him very aggressively. It was right after Manzi was with me for a couple of hours. He can fly, so sometimes he will stay right next to me (there are perches for him all around).
After I put Manzi back in his cage, Maui went after him. I took her out right away and gave her attention, but she went right back in the cage and attacked him. I am surprised that neither of them were hurt as they were right up against each other biting crazily. Manzi was trying to run while keeping Maui's beak at bay, but she had him cornered. I quickly separated them, but I had to leave somewhere. So I threw some newspapers down and stuck them back in their old cages.

Then, Sunday night I kept Maui right next to me scratching her and talking to her for two hours. When I put them back together, all was well again. It has been fine today too.

Maui must have wanted to reassert herself after she saw Manzi and me together for a couple of hours. I need to be careful to give her enough praise and attention so she doesn't feel that she has to fight for my favor.

I am leaving out of town soon and don't want the birds fighting. Tomorrow I am going to split up the branches in the cage so I can slide the divider between the birds. I will leave that in while I am away so I don't worry about them fighting. It will probably be okay to keep them together, but I'm not sure I want to take that risk. Plus, the girl watching them doesn't handle them, so I'm not sure she would know what to do if they got into a fight.


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