Friday, July 13, 2012

Manzi scared

Manzi has been scared of something for many days now (4 - 5 or so). In the morning he doesn't want to come out of his sleeping cage and I have to force the issue. As soon as he enters the main room, he takes off flying and does several loops around my living/kitchen area till he tires himself out, and usually lands by the glass door on the carpet, huffing and puffing. I don't know what is scaring Manzi so much. I have been cleaning and moving boxes, bags, etc. but I can't find what exactly is scaring Manzi. I hope Manzi gets over his fear soon. He absolutely will not fly to his cage (he even leans back from it when I carry him to his cage, but will stay on it once I put him there), but has found safety in the speaker stand I made a few years back. He's on that now.

Today a bad storm came through. It was really sunny and nice and both birds had been in the outdoor cage for several hours. I noticed it began clouding up. I brought the birds in and within 5 minutes the wind was blowing so hard that the tree outside was blown to a 45 degree angle. Pretty soon, it began hailing marble sized-hail. I am glad I brought the birds in. The storm came in a fury and left just as quick. Still, when the hail was hitting my windows, the birds we pretty panicked. Maui cowered under her cage (I've never seen her do that before) and Manzi stayed right next to me flinching every time there was a bang. The lights were flickering, which didn't help.

I worry about free flying Manzi, because if he is out and a storm blows through like that, he would be in serious trouble. We never had storms like that in California. There were warnings a couple of days in advance and they never got anywhere near as severe.

I almost forgot. Maui picked up a new phrase, but does not quite say it on voice command. It is: I love you sweet heart. She learned it in two days and now says it over and over again once she figured out she gets rewarded for it. She still needs to connect the cue to the phrase though. I need a more clever cue. Like, "who do you love?" or something like that, but maybe cuter or funnier. Any ideas?


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