Monday, July 2, 2012

Manzi after the neighbors

It has been really hot here in Minnesota, so I often open the door to the main hallway (apartments here are hotel style where they open into a common hallway), which is cooled by a central system, as a cost-effective method to quickly cool my own apartment. Manzi and Maui never seem to pay the open door any mind and continue as normal (Maui chewing on my cupboards and Manzi clearing the top of the fridge of any unnecessary items such as cereal boxes and sandwich bags, including any magnets on the front within reach).

The door had been open for about 30 minutes and I was playing the piano, when I began to hear a commotion from a ways down the hall (outside my apartment). I glanced around and quickly noted Manzi was not in sight. I ran out into the hallway and saw Manzi on a woman's shoulder as she was hunkered over protecting her head while shouting. There were another three people watching, wondering what they could do to help. I quickly snatched Manzi from her back and issued apologies. Manzi didn't hurt her and I assured her that Manzi was just being "friendly," although under different circumstances, I would more accurately describe him as "terrorizing for a dramatic reaction."

I always wondered why Manzi never ventured beyond my front door, and he must have finally wondered it himself. I am going to have to abandon that method for keeping my place cool, at least as long as Manzi is out of his cage. He definitely had too much fun leaving my place that I can almost guarantee that he will do that again as soon as he is given the chance.


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