Saturday, August 7, 2010

Manzi and Maui

So Manzi saw his new girlfriend again today. At first they just said hi through the cage. Manzi is trying to touch Maui and while she is puffed up at him in a semi threatening manner, she is lowering her head begging for a scratch (which I give her right after this picture is taken).
For the following pictures, Manzi is on the right and Maui on the left, bu in the first picture Maui is on the right inside her cage. Manzi is quite a bit darker than Maui for unknown reasons.

Next, they were allowed to touch away from the cage.

Manzi was trying so hard to get to the perch with Maui, but as soon as I put him on the perch, he stayed at the very far edge away from Maui and she did the same.

Maui was being a sweetheart and kept asking for Manzi to scratch her while he was being quite upfront just walking up to her reaching at her with his beak. Here, he is looking at her feet and she is trying to stay back wondering what he is doing.

After a while, they both began to preen and relax. As you can see, Manzi is on one foot getting comfortable.

All in all, I would say it was a huge success today. I was hoping that they would put up with each other, but they really like each other already. When I went to take Manzi from the perch, he kept putting his head down trying to avoid getting picked up because he wanted to stay on the perch with Maui. Also, Maui was quite chatty and it seems they were both trying to impress each other.


Michael, Kili, Truman said...

Good luck figuring out which bird is yours! Might not be able to tell them apart by the time you get back. Really cute though. You're not worried about coming back to find a whole clutch of little Manzis?

Adele said...

Maui is a lot lighter in color than Manzi. She doesn't like showers so maybe it is because she has more feather dust on her.

I am curious to know if they would try mating. They won't be given a mating box, so it will be fruitless (hopefully). I'm not ready for babies just yet.

Stephanie Pulham said...

Ah true love! I am glad that they like each other. Now you don't have to do a bachelor show just for him.

DisneyCAG said...

I am glad that they are getting along so well. Put up a video of the two of them like you did with Azul. That was cute.

Adele said...

Good idea. I’ll record one next time I bring Manzi for a visit.

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