Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flying again

I took Manzi out flying yesterday. He did really well. The wind was around 14 mph, but it didn't phase him. Manzi is still working on regaining his flight skills. He has also continued missing some of his landings. I haven't been able to take him out regularly though like last year.

He had a grand time.


Michael, Kili, Truman said...

Yay, Manzi flying again. Always love the flying videos. Does he lose skills/motivation if you don't take him out in a long time? Do you worry about him not recalling when he's had a long break like that?

Also I guess he won't be getting any flying for 6 months while you're gone?

Adele said...

I don't worry about his recalls as I still practice that indoors for a few days before taking him out to fly. He does lose skills, but not motivation when he doesn't fly for a long period. He always wants to fly outside. Inside, he flies all day long, but he can't go very fast because my place is so small.

Stephanie Pulham said...

Pretty cool video, I am glad no hawks destroyed your flying time.

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