Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Manzi the terror

I should count how many times I refer to Manzi as such. This morning he has been terrorizing my house. He is back to going after the bathroom trash can, with a vengeance. Luckily, I found his stuffed animal and that occupied him for a good 30 minutes, but now he is back to the trash can as I am typing this.

This morning after I was finishing a long walk, I saw a peregrine falcon almost take out a crow. Luckily for the crow, it dogged the bullet and then recruited some friends to harrass the falcon until it finally flew away. It leaves me concerned.

Also, Manzi has been extremely regurgitational. Multiple times last night and then first thing in the morning. If you already get grossed out by animal grossness, stop reading here.

When regurgitating, he usually just brings food up into his beak and then re-eats it. Every so often he will actually spit it out. He spit the food out last night, then went about his ways. A couple of minutes later he noticed the chunks of food on the ground (I had yet to clean it up) and proceeded to eat it as if he found a real treat. I myself found it disgusting. I am glad I'm not a bird, especially a female one who has to act happy to receive such a gift.


Stephanie Pulham said...

That is just gross, next time you say how gross slobber is on children, I will just remind you that at least they don't throw up and then eat it again!

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