Friday, March 12, 2010


Manzi got a new doll/stuffed animal recently. It has given him hours of entertainment as he is working very hard on destroying it. He has pulled the freckles off the cheeks and has dislocated the hands/paws. Since I am getting rid of a lot of belongings, Manzi is competing with Goodwill to claim my old items. If he looks really interested, and not just interested in it because he can't have it, then I will let him destroy it. Unfortunately, it often happens that just when it is no longer donatable to Goodwill, he will be completely uninterested and never want to touch the item again, even though there is still a lot of destroying left in it.

I still haven't taken Manzi to the gym. Maybe that will happen next week, or maybe not. I haven't seen many hawks by the park where Manzi used to fly, so now I need to take the leap and fly him outside again. It is still a scary proposition for me though. Manzi is overly eager. I have been taking him on walks outside again every day and he is getting more and more frustrated that he is not allowed to fly around. I wonder how well he'll fly after not being outside in so long.


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