Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quite the flyer

Today was very windy during Manzi's flight session. He made all the short and mid-length flights. At a distance of 60 feet though he panicked. He got going too fast and the wind blew him off to the side and he missed me again. This time he flew very far up and over the two story apartment buildings and out of sight. I called for him and I could hear him screaming in panic. He circled around and was back in view in just a few seconds. Because there are such high trees around he was flying very high (about 100 feet up) and couldn't get down to me. He circled around three times each time trying to descend to me and only making it partway down before he ran out of room and had to circle again. Finally he got within 10 feet above my head, but couldn't make it the rest of the way so he landed in a nearby tree hanging upside-down on flimsy branches. He then calmed down for a few minutes and flew down to me.
While in the tree, many children took notice of him and came around calling to him, "Come here Manzi." They were copying me calling to him. Afterwards I let some of the children hold Manzi, but he was quite shaken up. Even after getting back inside he wouldn't take the walnut which he loves and just hung out on his cage for a few minutes to calm down. Poor thing. Well, I know that he is trying to come back to me, he just needs to get better and maneuvering. He's learning very fast. Right now he is taking a nap (which is rare) on his cage. Hopefully tomorrow won't be so windy.


Walt & Disney said...

Congratulations on your flight training with Manzi.

How have you done trying to teach Manzi the Andy Griffith theme song? I downloaded it this evening and started playing it for Disney. He enjoys it. By the way... how old is Manzi?

Take care... Walt

Sandra said...

Adele are you not nervous about Manzi flying so high up that he does not come back down to you? I know my nerves would be finished after that

Anonymous said...

I just played the Andy Griffith song on repeat on my computer while I was away and Manzi picked it up right away.

Manzi will be 4 years old next month.

Sandra, I'm not worried about Manzi not coming back down to me because he has shown that he really wants to return. He never hesitates with his recall training. If that weren't the case, then yes I wouldn't be flying him outside already.

In the wild Greys are flock animals. They always come back to the flock and never just venture out and alone to make themselves a new life. It is Manzi's natural instinct to want to stay with his flock.

Jen said...

Glad all turned out well in the end.

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