Sunday, May 17, 2009

Manzi took a beating

This morning when I uncovered Manzi, he didn't say anything and instead of stepping up to me, he took off into the kitchen as if something had scared him. When I tried to put him back on his cage he acted very afraid and flew away again. Cesar heard the commotion and then told me that Manzi woke him up at 3am. He said that he heard a lot of noise and thought there was an animal on our patio. He went out to look and didn't see anything. He went back to bed and a minute later heard the same thing. He realized it was coming from Manzi's cage and looked and saw Manzi climbing up his cage as if he fell off his perch. After seeing Manzi alright he went back to bed, but heard Manzi flapping around and falling off his perch a couple more times before the noise stopped.
I inspected Manzi and saw he was very beat up looking. He more cuts on his face than ever before (one was still kinda bloody). He also was missing a lot of feathers: three red tail feathers, two flight feathers on one side and a pile of other feathers. Cesar said it looked like he just came out of the octagon (from UFC). He also didn't eat his breakfast and instead was preening his feathers, which he never does right after waking up. I know some people say their Grey's have night frights, but Manzi's never had those before. Nothing like this has ever happened. I didn't see anything in his cage, but we had to go somewhere this morning and Manzi looked very scared to be going back into his cage. So, I took everything out of his cage; He usually has lots of boxes, bottles and other scraps on the floor that he chews/shreds. I was thinking that maybe there was a spider or some other insect or maybe even a rodent got into his cage last night. I don't know what scared him so much. I have never been so worried about Manzi's health before.

Now that it is the evening, Manzi is back to his old self. He was struggling to fly though because of the missing feathers. This might be a set back for flight training.


Stephanie Pulham said...

Poor Manzi, give him a kiss for me.

Kellie said...

OH, that is SO sad. Poor little guy. It must be frustrating not knowing what it was that scared him so much!

Aida said...

So yesterday James says, "Have you read Adele's blog lately." I shook my head. Then he said, you should read it, "I think Cesar beat up Manzi." LOL. So here I go checking out your blog- Manzi must have had nightmare.

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