Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Manzi not liking James

Here is an email I got from James (by the way, it seems Manzi likes Aida like he liked me, and dislikes James as much as he disliked Cesar):

Manzi is alive
He has found a particular sound pitch that is quite painful to hear (for me, Aida says it doesn't hurt her ears), and he now delights in making it at frequent intervals.
Every morning he climbs on his bowl that he gets his fiesta in and throws a little tantrum asking for more (even if he hasn't finished what he was given the night before . . . so I am guessing that there is some particular seeds he likes better than others (the sunflowers are one I think)).
Whenever he is home with me and Aida is gone he gets a little crazy . . .
If it is just an hour or so he mainly just swears, and makes a lot of noise.
On the day before thanksgiving he went really nuts. Aida was gone the whole day. When I came home he was loud (as usual). And he was acting like he was upset at being left without human interaction for a day. I know that Aida lets him out of the cage so I thought that might be part of his agitation. I gave him a big helping of fiesta, and he was still acting a bit crazy. I opened his cage, and to my suprise he actually flew at my face squacking. His flight path was interupted, and after a very short recovery he did it again. After 5 times of this I had enough, and had to grab him with some gloves and put him back in the cage. He squacked for about 5 minutes straight, and then went on his top perch and was quiet. I covered him up for the night early. The next day I still gave him lots of fiesta and treats in his bowl (as it was thanksgiving after all).


amos said...

That is so funny. Adele when you get home you should have a video camera set up to capture Manzi's response when he first sees you. I'm sure he'll do something unexpected.

Sandra said...

Manzi is just like a naughty little child that knows exactly who to throw tantrums with and who not. I cant wait for you to go home Adele and see Manzi's reaction as well as how he will react when your husband arrives home.

I will be leaving for the UK on Saturday 20th December and Piccolo for 18 days so I too wonder how she is going to be while she is at the kennels:)

Pao said...

Manzi is so funny!

Adele said...

Good idea about the video camera. I will let you know his reaction. I am curious as to how Manzi will react when Cesar returns. Maybe he will be very happy to see Cesar, or he might just see Cesar as competition for Aida's attention.
Hopefully he will be nice to Cesar once he realizes that he is stuck with him for a while til I get back.

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