Monday, December 1, 2008

Manzi getting comfy

My friend, Aida, who is taking care of Manzi gave me an update. She said that this past month Manzi has began imitating the phrases he hears the family use. He calls their son's name, "Gabriel" and also says the following: "Okay, lets go", "Manzi, no!"(in James' voice) and "one, one, one." Aida thinks the "one, one, one" is Manzi trying to count, but Manzi already knows how to count to three so I am not sure what it is.

Manzi will be with them for December and then my husband is returning and will take care of him until I get back in January. I am counting down the days.


Sandra said...

Time has gone so quickly Adele and Im sure Manzi will be very happy to have his daddy back home again. I think Manzi has adjusted very well in his foster home but there is no place like home sweet home with the people you love:)

Sandra (Piccolo's mom)

Jen said...

i cant' wait for you to come home. I've been so bored with out someone to call me all hours of the day.

Adele said...

I am glad that Manzi is adjusting so well, but you're right about there being no place like home. I myself am finally getting used to my place here in Brazil, but it will be nice to return.

I am just an email away.

Stephanie Pulham said...

You are not the only one counting days. I really do miss you being in this country.

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