Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maui's new trick

Maui has a new trick. She can turn around on command.

Manzi gets so excited during training. I usually keep them separate during training because Manzi distracts Maui with his faster display of each trick. At first, when Maui wouldn't do the turn around trick at all, Manzi would do several spins, really wanting to get the treat.

I was concerned that Maui wasn't picking up on this trick, but then she suddenly did it. She isn't nearly as motivated as Manzi. If I have a treat and want Manzi to learn a new trick, he'll try all sorts of things to get the treat, like going through all his old tricks.

Her flying is much better and now she'll fly without having Manzi flying as well.

With flight training, I'm scoping out new parks. I think I'll stick with the beach. It has no trees or cars or powerlines. I need to start taking Manzi there to get him used to the area. I've been doing recalls with him inside every day and he is getting very dependable.


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