Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Toys and body parts

I have been making new toys for the birds. Maui is loving the toys, but Manzi is quite afraid. Someone kindly sent me lots of toys supplies (leather twine, toys pieces, etc.), so I string them together, along with dixie cups and hang them in the cage. I put pumpkin seeds in the dixie cups so they can find a treat. The toys terrify Manzi, but Maui loves to chew on them. It is funny that the two birds are so picky about what they want to fear. Manzi is also still afraid of the mummy on the bathroom door, while Maui could care less about it.

Manzi also gets into trouble on the fridge and on various other places around the house. I just counted and I now have about either items either taped or strewn around my place to keep Manzi away. Many of these items are body parts from the mummy, which is slowly being disassembled. For instance, I put one of the mummy's arms on the fridge, the other arm on the door trim and a leg by the front door. I also have various plastic bags, sparkly twine and pieces of paper on door handles, door trim, cupboards, etc. (this takes a bit of explaining to visitors). Manzi is finding less and less landing space, but he still keeps finding more places that I hadn't previously thought of as troublesome.

Maui is still afraid of her new perch in her sleeping cage. She has been sleeping on the floor of the cage for over a month now. I thought she would eventually give in, but maybe now she's gotten used to the ground. I put her on the perch and quickly turn the lights off and leave, but she still climbs straight down to the floor and sleeps there for the night. I might just put the old perch back in. I thought this new perch was such a nice upgrade too!!


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