Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hercules' Poor Arm

Manzi did some minor damage on Hercules' arm. I went in the bathroom (which may happen from time to time) and did so quickly so Manzi couldn't join me. He has continued with his love/territorialness of the bathroom, so I do my best to keep him out as much as possible.
So, often after I sneak in the bathroom, Manzi will sit outside the door pacing and trying to look underneath (it looks funny. At just the right angle he can see under the door because there is a 1/2" gap). Hercules was in an aggressive mood and ran after Manzi. Usually, both Manzi and Maui run from him when he gets aggressive (he is a tortoise, so it doesn't take much to escape him). Manzi was already mad at me for locking him out of the bathroom, so he took on Hercules and got a quick bite before Hercules could tuck in. I heard Hercules tuck in quickly, so I did get worried and hurried out. Manzi did manage to pull a small scale of Hercules' arm. It was slightly red (no blood or anything), but within 30 minutes it was back to normal color. Here is a picture:


My 2nd camera came defective. I am going to buy another one soon. It will come with rotation ability and 2-way sound. That will give me a second angle on the birds. Sometimes I cannot see them in the cage (one may be behind a toy, etc.) so this will help. Once I get the new camera up and running, I will give access to those interested. Manzi and Maui have been getting along great. They are no longer fighting at all in their new cage and I have been leaving them overnight together. It seems they are in agreement, although not friends. They don't seem to stress or worry about the other either.


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