Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Manzi in sink

Manzi has been quite an explorer recently. Today he decided to look in the sink and to his delight, he found dishes I recently put in there that had not yet been washed. He spent a good 20 minutes cleaning off the dishes. Here are a couple shots.

Usually Maui is more destructive than Manzi in terms of furniture, but Manzi has been on a roll lately. He figured out how to chew the corner of the refrigerator and pull off little bits of plastic. I temporarily am holding him off by putting an object that he is very much afraid of (a piece of cardboard) on top of the fridge. It isn't visually appealing, but it is right now beating Manzi in the stand off.

Manzi has also figured out how to land on the door frame of the coat closet. It is a very small landing where he ends up sideways, but he has mastered it pretty well. From there he pulls off bits of wooden door frame (who needs those anyway, right?). I wedge the piece of cardboard in that door and close it to keep him away. Before long, I'm going to have scary pieces of cardboard all over my house protecting it from Manzi.


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