Monday, September 10, 2012

Maui furthering her harassment

Maui has taken the run of Manzi's cage. As soon as she is out, she is on top of his cage. He usually takes off and has claimed the perch in the living room. Maui can't go there unless I carry her over. At first Maui would just climb on Manzi's cage and eat my dry wall. Now she goes inside and makes herself comfortable, eating his food, swinging his toys and napping on his perches. When I first got Maui, Manzi would have killed her if she went near his cage. Now he just waits for her to leave. Sometimes he will patiently wait on the very corner of his cage. Then she knows he wants in and she will usually climb out at that time.

Today I am working from home, so the birds get to be out all day. These days make me forget how much running around I did shooing them back into good behavior, those days when I permanently worked from home. Hopefully I can do that again before too long.

I have plexiglass in the outdoor cage as a wind break. I drilled holes in it and use zip ties to hold them down. Recently, Manzi discovered the joy in chewing through zip ties. Luckily he is only paying one side of the plexiglass any mind. Still, within a couple of hours all the zip ties on that side have been removed. I'm glad I bought the 100-pack.

I'm still looking for a nice, huge stainless steel cage. If it is large enough, maybe Manzi and Maui can share it. I don't think enough of those cages are out in the market, so there is not a great deal of used ones available. I am really happy with the large patio cage. In another two months that will have to come back inside though.


parrot14 said...

Hi.. just watching your video on manzi via YT and they are amazing me....

I have CAG too, and trained them to freefly but..... the problem is he is not stable enough outside. Can I share the experience? I also have my own channel in youtube, my id : Mrparrot14, can I contact you for advises in this issue?

Adele said...

Sure you can share your experience. You can also contact me about any issues.

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