Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maui's bath

I often come home from work to see Maui's water dish nearly empty (I know she didn't drink that much water) and water covering the bottom of her cage and the four feet surrounding her cage. I don't often catch her in the act of bathing though.

A few days ago she began taking a bath, so I gave her the large water dish. She went to town in the water dish for an hour and a half. I never knew her baths lasted that longer. I went and got the camera after a few minutes. That disrupted her, but she started up again within a minute. Here are some fun photos.

Here she is completely in the dish except for her tail. She stands in it and splashes around like a madwoman.

She is looking back at me wondering why I find this so amusing.

You can actually see the water mid-fling. This is how she makes such a big mess. She uses her beak and flings water (hoping some will land on her back, which some does), over and over again.


rachaelawad said...

Love these pictures.

Jen said...

I would take an hour long bath too if I had all day and nothing to do

Adele said...

Unfortunately Maui has nothing to do for too long each day. I have dreams of an intricate aviary (and nightmares of aviary cleaning).

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