Thursday, February 2, 2012

Success at last

I have a replacement camera and it is up and running! I will only leave it running during the day, and while I am on vacation, and other times I forget to turn it off.

If using internet explorer, it has sound as well. The site to access the camera is:

Once there, you will need to log in. To get log in information, please send me an email at adele (dot) thompson7 (at) gmail (dot) com.

An update on the birds:
I took Maui's eggs away from her yesterday. She was very distraught about it and searched for over an hour digging around in her cage looking for the eggs. This morning, she tried to stuff a large toy ball underneath her body. The toy was one of these, that has a bell in the middle. It is nearly the size of her body.

I began feeding the birds together again on the ground. I started last night. Manzi refused to eat on the ground and went without his dinner. I thought he would be more hungry in the morning, but he ran around all morning getting into trouble while Maui chowed away. Anyway, but this evening he finally humbled himself enough to eat off a plate on the ground, next to Maui. Hopefully this will get them to be more tolerable of each other.

Tomorrow night I will check my email and send out the user name and password to the the camera. Be mindful of the bandwidth and don't leave it on constantly in the background.

Thank you,



Jen said...

haha, I just read your post. I had just left your birds on my computer for most of the day. I won't do that anymore

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