Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Maui had a seizure on Monday, but now she is doing fine. It was terrible to see as I was holding her at the time. It lasted about two minutes total and took her another five or so to recover. I called a vet and found out that it is not that unusual. I had just taken Maui outside for the first time and she began to get very fearful. Next thing I knew, she began to twitch. She did small twitches at first and gradually increased to out of control convulsing with her head flopped off to the side and her eyes closed. Her body went limp. I tried to shield her from the environment and I held her close. After another minute she stopped and was just laying in my hands for another few minutes. Then she was able to stand up and within another five minutes or so she began to chat away. It scared the living daylights out of me as I would be devastated if she just died or something. Anyway, she seems just fine and is running around like normal, chatting away. Hopefully it was just a onetime thing where she was overwhelmed by going outside for the first time this year. I am watching her very carefully.

I ordered the large cage rather than attempted to build an aviary. It turns out to cost about the same price, but with much, much less work. The aviary won't be too big as it is really the largest cage I could find that would fit through my sliding glass door. It is 64" x 36" x 72". It is much larger than either of their current cages. I will keep it out on the patio during the summer and it can fit in the spot of their two cages during the winter. It back ordered and won't be available for a while (mid-July). I already collected lots of branches to go inside. I still need to build the plexiglass wind break area for them as it does spontaneously get windy.

I have greatly neglected this blog and would like to offer my apologies. I will be better in the future (this is so open ended. Does it mean forever, or just at one point in time? I can only offer this deal as it is easily fulfilled given the latter definition).


Michael, Kili, Truman said...

Wow poor bird! You must have scared the bird out of its mind taking it outside like that!? Was she outside unrestrained while all this was going on? How did Manzi react? Was he disappointed that wasn't the end of her?

Adele said...

I took her outside at least every other day in Davis. I always keep her harnessed outside. I figured she would be fine here. I will take her outside again, soon too so she doesn't become scared again from being inside all season.
I just spoke with her previous owner and he said that he saw her react that way just a handful of times over the years. Maybe next time I should take her by herself and hold her very close to me for comfort. On the other hand, I think Manzi's confidence might be good for her to see. I'm not sure.
Manzi didn't pay any attention to her and went into the tree to play.

Grant O. said...

Poor Maui, I am glad that she is alright. That is scary.

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