Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breeding displays

Yesterday was a bit scary. Maui was minding her own business tending to her nest. Manzi was very curious and finally decided to take a look. Next thing I knew, Maui threatened him and he attacked. Luckily, it lasted a fraction of a second before I scolded Manzi and he flew off. Neither of them were hurt, but Manzi was very distraught and I was scared. I put them both back in their cages to let them "think" about what they did. Then, for the next hour, Maui exhibited mating displays towards Manzi. Their cages are just a few inches apart (they can't reach each other though), so Maui stayed as close to Manzi as possible, while he continued to puff up trying to threaten her. I'm very surprised that Maui kept at it for an entire hour and still Manzi did not take the bait.

Today they are just fine again and are both out together. Hopefully there won't be more "scary" moments. I have been taking both Manzi and Maui out on walks using the leg leash. I still haven't made a second one. Once I do that, I will take them out together and maybe then they will be so preoccupied with outdoors that they won't think about not liking each other.

Also, I have finally got Maui to lay on her back in my hand. I will take a picture of that soon, but it is kinda hard when I am by myself.


Mike said...

I too have an African Grey (4 year old female). I noticed that you mentioned clipping on a leash to walk your bird. May I ask where you bought your leg ring/band for your parrot? I have looked every where and all I could find is a harness which she hates. I have a leg band on my Amazon that I have had for 28 years, but since I guess things have changed. Anyway, if you could direct me to where I might buy the leg ring, I would appreciate it. Thank you. I also left this on your other site, but thought I should also leave it here in the event you missed it there. you may respond at mstorrs@coastaccess.com Thanks again.

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