Friday, July 23, 2010

A huge success

Manzi did so well on his car seat today. At first, I put him on and started backing out. He flew to my shoulder right away. I then let him stay on my hand for five minutes while I held it over the car seat. After that, I put him back on the seat and he stayed there the remainder of the drive. Manzi was a bit leery of visiting other parrots. It was his first time ever seeing another African Grey. At first, the Grey, Maui, puffed up at Manzi and tried to threaten him. He was scared, but after a while stopped paying attention to her. After 40 minutes, Maui began to put her head down indicating she wanted Manzi to scratch her. He did reach out towards her, but I was afraid of either of them getting hurt, so I held him back. Anyway, it seems that she liked Manzi and me both after a while. I think they will get along just fine.

Quick funny story: While I was outside with Manzi and Hercules, my neighbor stopped by to talk. She is moving away and gave me her new phone number. I put it in my phone and then called her to save the number. As soon as I put the phone up to my ear, Manzi stated, "Hello." It made my neighbor and me laugh as I wasn't really calling anyone. He just thinks that every time the phone goes to my ear, I need to say, "Hello."


Jen said...

I am so sad i won't be able to watch manzi!!

Adele said...

I know you're devastated. I guess I can't please everyone.

Stephanie Pulham said...

Nice that now you can take Manzi with you in the car now.

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