Monday, June 21, 2010

Leaving again

As of right now, I plan on leaving to France for six months starting at the end of August. I am very worried about Manzi. Four people have told me they will watch Manzi as a "last resort." Well, one of the four actually said, "last, last resort." He is quite the handful as he can be loud, demanding, moody, messy and once in your care, you can never leave anywhere for more than a couple of days unless you find someone to take care of him while you're gone. On a positive note, usually within a couple weeks of me being gone, he transfers all of his love for me to the new caretaker (in the case of a couple, he has transferred his love to the wife and his anger to the husband). Manzi can be loud, but he is not nearly as loud as many other parrots and at night, once he is covered he is quite until he is uncovered in the morning.

Anyway, I am not sure what to do. All of the people who will watch him as a last resort, are not willing to take Manzi out of his cage due to their fear of him. I doubt Manzi would do well being locked up for six months. I was hoping to find someone so excited about watching Manzi that they think I am doing them the favor by choosing them. I am willing to pay. The problem with paying is that if they really don't like Manzi, only an exorbitant amount of money would be worth the trouble. And if they really do like Manzi, then the money is really of little importance.

If any has recommendations or offers, please comment.

Next item on the list:
Manzi is doing great flying outdoors. He is still very rusty with his flight skills, but he is getting better very quickly. I will take Manzi outdoors again today. Maybe I can even make a short video.

Hercules is doing great. After being back only a week, his weight has jumped up. I have been taking him out to the park to get some exercise and he is loving it.


Michael & Kili said...

Just how much are you willing to pay? :)

How come you can't take Manzi with you?

I definitely don't think being locked in a cage for 6 months is safe for a parrot, let alone an African Grey. I used to leave Kili in cage (with care) for up to two weeks at a time, but really not more than that. And if I can, I try to have someone come that can let her out at least once a day.

rachaelawad said...

Good luck with that! I hope you find a place that is suitable for him and you. Him for his sake and you for your sanity and peace of mind. Love you

Grant said...

Hi Adele,

I would be honored to watch Manzi while you are gone.

Without exception, Shayla is out of her cage (her choice to leave and go back) at all times when I am home. I could never, ever, leave her confined to a cage. An issue is that of course I live on the East Coast and you are on the West.

Equine Chameleon said...

I would take care of him for you in a heartbeat, I'm now waiting to get my Grey til I get married next June. I make myself feel better by working with my mom's Grey when I'm home, but it's not the same! Of course you don't really know me and Indiana is probably quite a haul for you, but hey!

Enjoy France, I wanted to go there when I was studying in Italy but never made it. I'm jealous!

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