Monday, October 26, 2009

Brooklyn and Rey

Yesterday I finally met up with another person who aims toward free flight. He has a 4.5 month old Green Wing Macaw, Brooklyn, who is beginning with free flights. Currently, Brooklyn is in a harness while outside, but he did great. He flies to Rey, his owner, and then back to his perch. He flew towards me once, but I held out my arm and he then flew away. Brooklyn is three times the size of Manzi! Manzi was scared to death of Brooklyn and wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. Due to that, Manzi did horrible and stayed pretty high in the trees for most of the time only coming down a few times. By the end, Manzi was not panicking as badly, but it will be a while until they are friends.

A really good thing happened. It has been a while since another bird has gone after Manzi. The last few times it has happened, Manzi panicked and took off as fast as he could. Well, yesterday a black bird dived down to Manzi and chased him. Manzi flew very fast, made some loud noises and as soon as he lost the bird, he flew right back around and landed in a nearby tree. It made me feel pretty confident that even though a bird chases Manzi, he can keep his head on his shoulders and not just take off.


hunny bunny said...

That is cool, but man is that at HUGE bird.

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