Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Juvenile Hawk

It was either a red shoulder or red tail juvenile that went after Manzi today. It was 3-4 times his size and got within an arm's distance of him. Manzi was very scared and wouldn't come down to me right away. After a while he was fine though.

I heard that in the fall, the juvenile raptors are weaned and get desperate for prey. On the other hand, all of the spring babies of other birds are more agile and already figured out how to avoid the raptors. It is a pretty bad season for Manzi. There are many desperate birds looking for a meal and Manzi might be their ticket.

Maybe I will ground him for a few weeks. That might just make him a weak flier and an easy target when he is back flying. I'm not sure what to do. There is no way I can find an area without raptors. They're all over the place here. Maybe a large gym or auditorium?


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