Friday, April 3, 2009

First outdoor flight with harness

It did not go well. There were lots of kids around and Manzi was very preoccupied with chewing on the harness. Then the leash broke, but Manzi just landed nearby and waited for me to get him. Anyways, before going on to outdoor flight we need a lot more practice and more planning. I have to get Manzi to enjoy the harness or even clip the leash directly to his leg bracelet. He doesn't mind the leash on his leg bracelet nearly as much, but he still doesn't like it and if he pulls to the end, he will struggle to land with one leg pulled behind him. I am not sure what to do. If anyone has ideas, please post them. For now, I will stick to indoor flight and working with getting Manzi to fly through the doorways.


Jen said...

sorry your attempt failed. but i'm sure all the kids at the park had a great time seeing manzi.

parrot cages said...

hey its congogrey82 from the grey forums, im sorry things did not go well, but persistance will pay off, i can guarantee that,

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