Sunday, April 19, 2009


This weekend it has been beautiful outdoors. Today, when me and Manzi went for a walk he wasn't so friendly and only said "hello" to 1/2 the people he saw. He did step up for a woman though who asked to pet him. He won't let others pet him, but he will step up for them. He doesn't mind his leg leash at all and comes to me when he sees it. Manzi is really enjoying going outside.

With flight training, we have had continual success. The past three times I have put his harness on (without the leash) and had him fly inside with it. He no longer chews on it and instead he is focused on me. He is doing so well that I think by next week he will be ready for his first free flight outside. This week I am going to fly him outside with his harness again and if that goes well then next week we'll do small flights outside without the harness.

Manzi has also continued to fly to me from around the corner where he can't see me. He is very good and that and usually has no hesitation.

Also, I finally found rubber ducks at walmart so this week I'll set up a large dish in his cage and fill it with water so he can play with the ducks. We'll see if he has any interest. He wasn't scared of them when I showed it to him which is a good sign. I just hope he doesn't shred them to a million pieces instead of playing with them in the water dish.


Jen said...

sounds like you have lots planned....Do you have a spread sheet on the rate of manzi's progress?

Anonymous said...

I know you think it's funny, but yes. Maybe one day I'll post it to show people that I'm really fanatic.

Jalean11 said...

I would love to see that! I'm interested at what ages his milestones occurred. I know it's different for every bird, but it's still interesting.

Stephanie Pulham said...

I can just see next week's blog, "Death of a Rubber Duck!"

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