Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This post is a bit off topic. I was on a walk yesterday (here in Brasilia, Brazil) and I saw a cute family of owls. They consisted of two parents and two babies. The top two are the baby owls and the bottom is one of the parents. The other parent was perched up above. The babies were running around on the ground (trying to keep up with the parent) and when they would trip, they spread their wings and I could see they still had quite a bit of fluff.

On the other side of the road was another pair of owls. One was perched on the fence and the other was camouflaged in the dirt (I didn't zoom in to show how they camouflage quite well). Both were angry with me taking pictures and were bobbing their heads (like Manzi does to threaten people) and screaming. Finally, one began diving at me and I decided it was time to go. The owls are tiny little things. I think they are burrowing owls like what we have in Davis, CA.


Anonymous said...

The owls are just too cute. I would not have been able to tell which one is the parent and which are the babies. They look exactly the same.

Sandra (Piccolo's mom)

Stephanie Pulham said...

Those were some really cute owls. I cannot believe they were diving at you. I guess they were protecting their babies.

The Packards said...

What an experience--those owls are beautiful!

Jen said...

those are great pictures. That's great that you are able to see cool things.

amos said...

What a cute picture. I wouldn't be surprised if you brought one home with you!

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